1. Wraith of Kings Skorza Alpha
    Wraith of Kings Skorza Alpha
    Winner Gold Crystal Brush WoK sponsored Category 2015
  2. Malifaux Douglas McMourning
    Malifaux Douglas McMourning
    Winner Gold Crystal Brush Wyrd Miniatures Sponsored Category 2015
  3. WWII British Courier
    WWII British Courier
    Winner Gold Crystal Brush Historical Category 2014
  4. Privateer Press Warmachine: The Butcher Unleashed & Extreme Warjacks
    Privateer Press Warmachine: The Butcher Unleashed & Extreme Warjacks
    Winner Iron Gobbler Best Squad/Battlegroup East Coast Rumble 2015
  5. Father Curwen
    Father Curwen
    Limited edition from Dark Age, Gold Brush winner 2017
“If you want to be great, not good, not grand, not second, not third, if you want to be great, the very best at what you do, obsession is a necessity”  
~CT Fletcher

The Art of Wargaming Studio is a full time miniature assembly and painting service based in New Jersey. Our goal is to offer high quality services at a reasonable price and turnaround time. We offer high table top quality for single miniatures or full armies, complete with custom basing upon request.  We also offer a display quality option for individual models, painted by Crystal Brush winning artist Frank Kahsar.

Whether you are looking for a table top quality army, or a custom display piece, we've got you covered

The Latest off the desk

This past weekend I attended the Miniature Figure Collectors of America (MFCA) show in Trevose, PA. The collection of pieces in the show were amazing and I was happy to walk away with a Silver in the Fantasy Painters Division, and a Bronze in the Historical Painters Division.
  1. Mountain King
    Mountain King
    Privateer Press Hordes: Mountain King face detail
  2. Dozer & Smigg
    Dozer & Smigg
    Privateer Press Hordes: Dozer & Smigg
  3. Khador Ruin
    Khador Ruin
    Privateer Press Warmachine: Ruin
  4. Space Wolves Sicaran
    Space Wolves Sicaran
    Games Workshop/Forgeworld Warhammer 40k Sicaran Battle Tank
  5. Spartan
  6. Medusa
    Arena Rex Medusa