1. Painting Levels
    We offer only one level of quality, our very best High Table-Top. This level painting comes with a clean base-coat, a minimum of 2 levels of highlight per base color, may feature blending, weathering powders and pigments, fine detail work, lighting effects, etc. as appropriate to the model. These models look great at any distance and will feature painting and modeling techniques that will set them apart from the norm. Upon request we can discuss pricing for display quality pieces. These pieces would be painted to a standard we would feel comfortable entering in even the toughest painting competitions and would include themed or decorative bases.
  2. Painting all Options
    Often clients ask us to paint all options in a given kit, for example, they want all of the weapons in a Crisis Suit Team to be painted so they can switch them out, or all the options in a Leman Russ kit, etc. This takes a lot of additional labor and so we charge an amount equal to 25% of the cost of the kit for this option.
  3. Magnets
    We charge a flat rate of $1 per magnet used, which covers material and labor. Please remember, that is per magnet and you will typically need to consider the mount magnet and the magnet on each optional piece. So, for example, to magnetize a tank and two weapons would be $3.00. $1 for the mount, $1 for each weapon.
  4. Ordering Models
    We are able to order some models and kits directly from the distributor. Should you choose to hire us to paint your army, you may order the models through us and enjoy a 20% discount from retail pricing. Should you elect to take advantage of this we require an up front deposit for the cost of the models, plus 50% of the painting fee. Should you choose not to proceed with the commission after the models have been ordered, you will be refunded the cost of the models, but 20% of the deposit is forfeit.
  5. Assembly
    Maybe you like to paint your own models, but you hate to put them together. We've got you covered there also. We can put your army together for you and even include custom basing options.
  6. White & Yellow
    We charge an additional fee for painting models where the primary color is yellow or white. This is due to the extra time needed to paint these colors and is a separate cost listed in the cost spreadsheets.
Ready to move forward with a project?
Go ahead and contact us with a general description of what you would like to have done. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to work out a detailed quote. 
Commissions are accepted in the order deposits are received. A 50% deposit assures your place in the work queue. Generally we are able to complete jobs within a week of receiving the miniatures, depending on the size of the job; however, jobs may take longer depending on our current workload. We'll set appropriate expectations when we accept your commission, contact you when we begin and provide regular updates as the project progresses. 
Disclaimers: Should you choose to cancel a project before it begins, 20% of your deposit is non-refundable and your models will be returned to you at your expense. If payment is not received within 30 days of completion, they may be put on our site for sale or listed on ebay to recoup costs. If models sell for more than the amount owed for services the difference will be refunded to the client.